About nepali language

Nepali or Nepalese (नेपाली ) is
the official language of Nepal
and is also spoken in Bhutan,
parts of India and parts of
Myanmar (Burma). In India, it is
one of the country’s 23 official
languages. Nepali is commonly written in
the Devanagari script like hindi and marathi

why nepali unicode converter is required
online nepali unicode converter

Typing in nepali from keybord is not an easy thing. All the technology related thing we learnt and use are present in english roman . So we people feel easy writing in roman languages. Nepali unicode converter converts nepali language written in roman to devanagari font. Using this unicode converter is method of choice for general population for nepali writing.

Uses of nepali unicode converter
1. It can be used to write facebook post in nepali language.
2. If you are writing post in nepali, this unicode converter helps you a lot
3. Sending emails in nepali languages to friends
4. Twitter tweets in nepali
5. Write documents in nepali using this nepali unicode converter tool
Link to nepali unicode converter
Here is the link to nepali unicode conveter that supports both mobile and desktop browser Nepali unicode converter